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by Artist Bryan Barfknecht

Barrel Stave American FlagSilver Tarantula

We at Barrely Living strive continuously to bring you new innovative products that are unique in design and limited mintage!!

At Barrely Living – Handcrafted Silver Creations and Fine Woodworks we only cast limited amounts of our products! All items whether silver or wood are crafted to order so please be patient as each order is processed in the order it is received.

All items are hand cast and handcrafted so no 2 items are exactly the same. Weights on silver items are GUARANTEED to vary and each item has its own unique characteristics!

While we offer a standard line of products, custom orders and requests are always appreciated! Each and every one of our products are unique in nature, crafted by hand, and made in the USA!

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We are continually striving to bring you new and innovative products that are unique in design and limited in mintage.

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